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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Redmond Weekend to Remember Quotes

Top 10 Conference Quotes
May 1-3, 2009
Attendance 375
Accepted Christ 22
These are the top ten quotes from the third Seattle area Weekend to Remember:

We’ve discovered what happened seven years ago that caused us to go into isolation. We moved into separate corners both trying to exist, yet knowing we weren’t communicating. This wasn’t right before our Lord and we separately tried to figure out how to “fix” our marriage. Well, we are leaving this conference encouraged and excited to see how God is going to work in us and through us. We thank God and you all for this time.

For every mile of road there are two miles of ditches; this is a wonderful manuscript of how to “keep it in the middle.”

Opened wounds. Many tears. We pressed through temptation to pull apart—my husband pursued me on…a gut-wrenching evening [date night]. I thanked him. That was hopeful. I was loved.

It began a healing that I have been praying for 3 years ago. Thank you for your time and commitment—God is using each one of you! Thank you!

The woman to woman and men to men session was the straw that broke the camel’s back. We had a very strong argument the night before. These sessions brought us both to a point of really working with God to save our marriage.

[My husband] and I are attending this months after a huge trauma in our relationship. 2 weeks ago we were heading for divorce. This was the beginning of a new start for us, and it was a great kick start. Our journey will be long and hard—but thanks for helping us get started!

He allowed us an[d] encouraged us to address issues that were uncomfortable and unpleasant to talk about. It gave us tools to approach those topics for the best possible result. It helped me realize that to have a successful marriage, I need to first have a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ my Savior.

It’s like a breath of fresh air. We were able to take all the balled up pieces of paper from our marriage and recycle them into a readable novel.

We spent Saturday night and Sunday morning…discussed frankly about our past experience in viewing pornography and not being mentally sexually pure. It was the first such frank moment in our 4 years of marriage. I had written a prayer request Saturday morning and I thank God for those who prayed for us. (wife’s comments)

He’s been tearing up half the time and received this so totally. We’ve been to 5 or so different marriage weekends but I think he’s enjoyed this one the most and received the teachings the most. I did too, really.
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