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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Guatemala Mission Trip

Seattle Weekend to Remember Comments

Such a blessing to hear about how God impacts lives through the Weekend to Remember.   Here are a few comments from the weekend.

Seattle (Bellevue), WA Top Ten Comments
April 12-14, 2013

Attendance: 621
Holy Spirit: 115
Recommit: 103
Salvations: 11

My husband is leaving for active service in the US Navy. So we relished the opportunity to spend a weekend together, working toward oneness before this long separation. This weekend has been the definition of quality time. We both committed our lives and family to Christ a few months ago, but his weekend we asked Jesus into our hearts and did it together. We will take on our next journey united as Christians for the first time.
Wife, married 3 years

My husband and I are separated.  We are here because of our youngest son who asked us if we were coming after he saw the promo video.  I feel this weekend God has opened a window.  I am so open to God changing me and then seeing what he does in our marriage.  
Wife, married 15 years

I came with no expectations, but desiring to see God move through our lives, marriage. I am leaving with hope and faith.  We received tools, love and time to be "one".  That so often gets placed on the back burner.  I came with the man I call my husband, I leave with my best friend.  
Wife, married 3 years

It was a complete turn around.  We were on the verge of a divorce, this was a love effort by our pastor which has paid off.  We are committed now more than ever to make our marriage work.  We have decided that our love and family with God can and will survive.
Husband, married 6 years

Before the weekend we thought we had a good marriage but not great.  We saw this as a maintenance or a check-up.  We didn't realize the things, hurts, lies, bitterness that had come to effect our marriage.  This weekend provided us the culture and environment to be honest about our failures and ask for and give forgiveness.  This enabled us to trust each other again at a deeper level.  Our marriage relationship has gone to the next level and has been rejuvenated! Thank you!
Wife, married 6 years

We were pretty much at the isolation stage of our marriage.  This weekend has opened the doors of communication and physical intimacy.  Thank you!!!  I have been very bitter in our marriage we had a lot of forgiveness this weekend.  
Husband, married 16 years
Wife’s comment below

We had drifted toward isolation for years.  Daily life demands had steamrolled us and pulled us apart as a couple.  Almost all of our communication related to the business of running our household, but never was deep or with affection.  While we had read a ton of marriage books over the past 16 1/2 years, nothing has stuck and truly changed habits.  We feel encouraged that we have been equipped to make a change that is permanent and impactful.  
Wife, married 16 years

Becca and I experienced a level of transparency and intimacy that we have not experienced in years.  I was empowered to repent and confess extramarital sins of the heart (i.e. lust, fantasies), and we committed to a life of prayer and encouragement, in order to overcome the things that hinder our spiritual/emotional/marital life together.  We have been deeply blessed. I am inspired to become a man, and to leave a godly legacy for my children.  
Husband, married 4 years

Help melt my hardened life, a life consumed with hate and satan controlled.  My life has been changed by information I already know/had!  This is not about a slide of hand or smoke in mirrors, its about reconnecting with God!  It's truly that simple.  Thank you for leading my back to the light, we were about to end God's reunion known as God's gift.  
Husband, married 1 year; together 6 years
Wife's comment below

I am so thankful to God for bringing us here.  We put our house for sale last week and divorce were almost done.  This weekend fell in our laps...everything...date, location, cost.  I knew it had to be God's will that we attend. I didn't feel certain it was His will that we stayed married.  For the first time in six years we prayed together.  That is because of God and all you do to teach us and to help us get better perspective. Because of what we heard, learned and open our hearts to this weekend, we have decided to not get divorced, and to try living our life God's way instead of our fleshly, selfish way.  It will not be easy to rebuild what we have demolished...with God all is possible.  Thank you God for those you have sent to share your work and through that, give us hope in you, God, and hope for our marriage.  

I cannot explain how hard and rewarding this weekend was.  I am so grateful!!!
Wife, married 1 year; together 6 years

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