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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pasco Weekend to Remember

Top 10 Conference Quotes

At each FamilyLife Weekend to Remember conference the city ministry team chooses the "best" quotes from the weekend. Here are their top 10 choices from the February event:

“ My boyfriend and I have learned the importance of waiting to have sex before we are married. Also we have gotten to another level of talking to each other beyond opinions but to feelings.”

“We are closer. We were on the verge of separation.”

“Our marriage keeps getting better and better each time we go”

“Focus on positive and God’s power”

“The highlight of the conference was date night and my fiance’ praying aloud together for the first time.”

“It helped me realize my work even though it is important. It is not as important as my wife.”

“Allowed us to be more open and honest with each other.”

“We enjoyed not having kids about. Talk about excellent points. We are grateful for our upbringing and counseling.”

“It greatly helped us to communicate better with each other and to share our hearts openly with each other on a deeper level.”

“We have a renewed, refreshed view of our relationship, with an understanding that things may not change overnight, but we are encouraged and optimistic.”

Attendance 210
Decisions for Christ 8
Prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit 39

Recommit my marriage and family 50

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