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Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend to Remember Update

Below are comments reflecting each of the Weekend to Remember Events held this past weekend. It is so awesome to see God's transforming work in the lives of these couples...

*I was at the end, ready to throw in the towel. Not divorce, just give up. I have recommitted myself to our marriage.

*If I'm willing to die for my wife, like Christ did for the church, then how much easier should it be to rub her back, or rub her feet, or fold laundry.

*We're a young married couple (19 & 21) and it was just a blessing to start off on a good foot, surrounded by couples doing marriage right. This getaway was a straight up blessing from God.

*We were ready to separate, this was our last ditch effort for hope & strength. We fought on the way to the conference through Saturday afternoon & my husband was too angry to attend. Sat. afternoon something changed . God spoke & softened our hearts. My husband has turned back to God. I see my failures. We are going to make it.

*My husband and I haven’t spoken in 7 months prior to coming this weekend. The divorce had been filed and it was ugly. I didn’t even know why I agreed to come. But I’m glad I did. A miracle took place here. My marriage and family haven been saved. My life has been saved. Amen!

*“This weekend was our final attempt. We already had the divorce paperwork and were basically living in two separate households. In fact, we went to file the paperwork but decided to do one last thing before throwing in the towel. I am so glad we did! We have both been convicted and recommitted our lives, marriage, and family to the Lord. For the first time in years, I have hope for our marriage! I had forgotten that there is nothing too big for God to fix.”

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