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Thursday, December 29, 2016

A New Addition

We didn't lose a daughter, we gain a son-in-law! 

Early in December Courtney married Juan Jose in Peru.  
They got married at the municipality and will have something special back here once they return to the states.  
This is a picture of them after the ceremony with their niece. 

A celebration with family and friends 

 Here's a picture of Courtney and Juan's parents (and their niece too).  
Courtney is wearing a traditional Peruvian wedding dress in this photo that was rented for the day.  (She said it was very heavy!) 

 Courtney sent me this photo too.  This is the location where they are going to build their house.  Since Juan is a teacher and school ends for the year in December, he is planning on spending all of January building the house and hopes to have it all built by the end of the month!  

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