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Monday, January 23, 2017

A Letter from Tom's Manager

A friend suggested we have Tom's manager share a little bit about Tom's role and the impact of ministry.  This was the letter we received to share with you:

Hi, my name is Jim Holmquist and I am the Western Region Manager.  I have the privilege of being Tom Clifton's manager.  As a Field Ministry Representative, Tom's job is to discover, train, equip and encourage local volunteers in Alaska, Eastern Washington and Idaho.  Tom is a valuable asset to my team and serves the Lord in this capacity with excellence! 

This past year three of his volunteer teams were near the Top 20 teams in the country.  

In Tom and Laura's over 20 years of ministry at FamilyLife, they have impacted countless couples with God's blueprint for marriage.  In just last year they played a major part in seeing 1,138 couples (that's 2,276 people) attend a Getaway to invest in their marriage.  At those Getaways, 70 made a decision for Christ for the first time and 469 people recommitted their lives and marriages to Christ.

Those are great numbers, but it is important to remember that those numbers reflect lives and legacies that will be impacted for generations to come. 

These are just a few of the many reasons that Tom is needed back in full time ministry.  As soon as he and Laura have their full ministry team in place he can return to active duty.  I challenge you to join their team and to be a part of the impact they well have in the coming years.

Jim Holmquist 
Western Regional Manager 

Thank you for your continued prayer as we move forward with building our team and returning to full time ministry!  We have about 20% of the support we need so far!  Thanks for being a part of making an impact in families for Christ.

Tom & Laura

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