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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bellingham WTR Comments

Bellingham 1
November 13-15, 2009
Attendance: 437
Commitments to Christ: 5
Asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit: 60
Recommitted family to Christ 84

Husband/wife commentHim: I feel this has brought me closer to Christ and brought our marriage back from the brink of divorce. Her: I had thrown in the towel on my marriage. I now see my husband as a gift for me to fully receive.

Showed us we were going in the same direction—just separately. Got us back on the road together. (wife, married 16 years)

Date night…. Wahoo! Bow Chika Wow Wow…

It has given us a smack upside the head. Things we knew we were failing at but too stubborn to join together…my hope is that this is a start to a loving and joining future. (husband in sales, married 9 years)

My husband’s admission that he was glad that I was tenacious in going to the conference. He was not looking forward to it. He was pleasantly surprised. (wife, homemaker, married 13 years)

We have learned more about communication, how to love each other, respect, and how to be [passionate] with each other. (wife, receptionist, married 1 year)

We’ve recommitted our relationship to each other and to our Father/Jesus as its center. (husband, physical therapist, married 13 years)

I know that more than remembering why we love each other, we learned how to do it for the long run. (husband, musician, married 9 years)

I have received some really great tools to help me to be a better man and husband. I have already noticed that my wife appreciates me more. (husband, supervisor, married 6 years)

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