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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Coeur d'Alene Weekend to Remember

Top 10 Conference Quotes
Coeur d'Alene WTR
November 6-8, 2009
Attendance: 715
Decisions for Christ: 16

(husband/wife couple)
Husband (physician)—This is the first anniversary of me giving my life to Christ at last year’s WTR. This has been an amazing experience to look back and see how God has changed me and my relationship with my wife. Our marriage was about to fall apart last year but now it’s thriving.
Wife (psychologist)—This was our 3rd conference. It is because of this conference that our marriage did not end last year. God is the center of our marriage and personal lives. For the first time, our marriage is the strongest it has ever been.
Married 5 years

It has changed our lives. Every word was “right on” and helpful.
Husband, married 10 years

I have some hope again. I was planning to move out on Dec 1st.
Wife, married 2 years

Unequal to anything else. A “new” beginning. The divorce papers were filed, possessions split, house on the market. Going home today we go “together” Renewed.

Wife, married 8 years

We have only been married 1 ½ months and this weekend helped us both see how beautiful our marriage can be for our lifetime!

Re-emphasized the importance of each other.
Military husband, married one year

It saved our marriage! We were both in two separate “marriage counselors” and checked out. This really works!
Wife, married 2 years

Our communication has improved immensely. We are finally tackling the issues that have plagued us for years.
Husband, student, married 8 years

It broke down the walls we have build over 17 years together. We have been Christians for 5 years and for the first time we are on the same page!
Wife, married 2 years

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