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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend to Remember Comments

Bellevue (Seattle) Weekend to Remember
April 15-17, 2011
Attendance 375
Indicated a Decision for Christ 25
Asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit 46
Recommitted family to Christ 65

  • "This getaway saved our marriage. We were on the brink of divorce! Now we are working hard at saving our new life together!" (Wife, married 6 years, spouse of the following comment)
  • "I have failed my charge as a husband according to Eph 5:25. My wife was driven to leave our family Friday afternoon. God got both of our attention and led us to this seminar Saturday morning. We are focusing on God's will and beginning healing/recovery." (Husband, married 6 years, spouse of the preceding comment)
  • "Brought us back together with a common goal. Reminded us that God has had a plan all along. I didn't make the wrong choice, my spouse is a specifically chosen GIFT." (Wife, married 3 years)
  • "You have provided great insight on the opposite sex for both of us. Before, I felt that my husband thought I was crazy, but during the sessions it was shown that I am just a normal woman and he, normal as a man as well!" (Wife, married 7 years)
  • "I came in hoping my husband would hear what 'I' thought he needed to know. Well I came in realizing my changes were what was needed. We were able to let down our guard and talk genuinely. I stayed quiet when he didn't want to go to [the men's talk], and off I went to [the women's talk], came back weeping and saw that he went to his session. He came in positive and told me many things, and I was able to ask him for forgiveness. I committed to letting God take control of my life and our marriage and let Him be in charge. Thank you." (Wife, married 14 years)
  • "This has been the absolute most important weekend in my marriage. You/God have blessed our life more than anything. Thank you." (Husband, married 10 years)
  • "It was very well worth it. Like digging for buried treasure. I desperately needed this so I can begin to be a better husband/dad." (Husband, married 31 years)
  • "Our eyes have been opened up to what is wrong in our marriage. We are separated and we know what we need to work on." (Wife, married 16 years)
  • "Communication!! This was the thing missing in our marriage. This of course will always be a work in progress. I thank God for folks who point out the obvious things I seem to miss." (Husband, married 7 years)
  • "The words spoken this weekend saved my life and the way I approach my marriage. Thank you!" (Husband, married 6 years)

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