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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bellevue Weekend to Remember Comments

This past weekend we had the privilege to serve at the Weekend to Remember Event.  What a blessing to see how God used the weekend to transform lives and families for His glory.  Here is just a snapshot of what happened...

Prayed to Receive Christ:    3 + 3
Prayed to be Filled with the Holy Spirit:   23
Prayed to Rededicate Marriage and Family to Christ:   34

Top 10 Comments:

We were at a crossroads where to go from here – fight to make it work or walk away.  After the weekend we realized how incredible what we have is.  We have neglected the second greatest gift God ever gave us.  Thank you! – Wife Married 7 years.

This conference was the most meaningful and life-changing marriage event I have ever attended!  I did not want it to end. – Husband Married 7 years

Even though we have only been married two months this getaway has completely changed our marriage and our understanding of marriage. – Husband married 2 months

We came back from our date night, did the last project, and began talking about some stuff that had been avoided for far too long.  The journey/conversation n lasted nearly all night and was somewhat of a roller coaster.  The end result is we’re in a much better place with a lot more clarity. – Wife Married 3 years

It has broken through so many walls.  We each realized how poorly we were treating the other.  We have so far to go but we have hope.  Wife married 30 years

It gave me permission to love my husband in a way that I hadn’t.  I always put the kids first and now I know that it’s healthy and okay to put him first.  Wife married 3 years

This is our second weekend in seven years and it’s just as new, fresh and powerful now as it was the first time we attended.  It has encouraged us to be open and vulnerable with each other which can only increase our love for each other.  Wife married 25 years

After 33 years of marriage, a physician’s schedule, six kids we home school and “life” we really had lost our oneness and have forgotten to “mirror” God’s image in the relational ways.  God has revealed how on the brink we were, sobered us and caused us to fall at His feel again.  Wife married 33 years

Before coming I was constantly thinking negative and destructive thoughts.  I was not even sure we could make it.  Now I have realized God can change my attitude and am excited that our marriage is forever! – Wife Married 1 year

I had just filed for a legal separation and my Husband told me he wanted to go and just made the payment and told me the date.  I am so glad he stepped up and did this.  These are things that every couple needs to hear.  This is really a major turning point in our 29 year relationship married 21 years on April 20th started dating 10 years before. – Wife married 29 years

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