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Monday, April 23, 2012

Pasco Weekend to Remember

Comments from the Pasco Weekend to Remember®

April 20-22 2012

Attendance 200

Decisions for Christ 27

Asked to be filled by the Holy Spirit 58

Recommitted their life and family to Christ 42

Wow!  Another incredible Weekend to Remember...200 people in attendance and 27 people prayed to receive Christ!  Not only that, we got a glimpse of God's redeeming work in the hearts and lives of the people that attended.  Check out the following life change stories! 

I feel this provided an insight into my marriage I didn’t know existed! This has truly changed my heart!!  After 15 years of marriage, I finally know what love for my wife really is!  Thanks be to God! Husband, married 15 years (husband of wife on following comment)

This Getaway was so important for my marriage.  We have recommitted ourselves to working on our marriage with God at the center. (wife of husband on preceding comment)

Allowing us to talk more about issues that get swept under the rug.  It’s so much easier to talk when we don’t have toddlers interrupting us every 30 seconds. Wife, married 5 years

It’s a great start—let’s let the work begin.  Husband, married 17 years

I wish we had attended many years ago.  We have been married 41 years and we now realize we have done many things wrong in our relationship.  I don’t really know how we stayed together—except through God’s grace.  But this weekend is indeed life-changing for me.

Wife, married 41 years

We did not know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised by the teaching and practical tools to help with our marriage and parenting.  This seminar has had a rejuvenating effect on my heart.  It was like a Gatorade after running a marathon.  Husband, married 20 years

Instead of focusing on surviving our marriage, we now have the tools to succeed in our marriage. Husband, married 12 years

Came here not expecting to learn anything new—not really wanting to be here.  But God spoke to the core of my being.  Husband, married 29 years

We have been separated for over 2 months.  We have been working on our relationship, but this weekend has changed our relationship forever.  It cleared up misconceptions and helped us heal our wounds.  We are definitely on the right track now. Husband, married 19 years

Before the conference I definitely felt lonely and isolation set in as we were slowly drifting apart.  But now after the conference I feel so much closer to God and my husband.  We have re-connected in a way that touches my heart, brings tears to my eyes and makes us both want to honor God through our oneness and unity as we commit to him and to our marriage. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts J.  Wife, married 9 years

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