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Monday, May 14, 2012

Redmond Weekend to Remember

May 4th-6th, 2012

Received Christ: 4
       Filled with the Holy Spirit: 43
  Rededicate Family: 61
Top 10 Comments:
·        We were sleeping in separate bedrooms before this weekend for about 5 months.  We were trying to keep it peaceful at home for the kids.  Both of us are Christians but just couldn’t seem to get it together but this weekend really spoke to us and hearing the transparent stories from the speakers showed us there is hope.  Our room had one bed so we had to sleep together, when we go home we will be moving our bedrooms back together.  We have committed to fight for our marriage. – wife married 9 years

·        We are newly married and my new husband has a past, which left him with a previous past of religion and a damaged father figure from his childhood which carries over to our new relationship.  This weekend has given him new skills to release some of that damage from his father and to become a husband  empowered to love God, find God again and to carry this love to his wife. – wife married 1 year

·        Gave us the foundation to start building our legacy.  Helped us realize how important the work we put into our marriage now will be for establishing healthy relationships for generations to come.  – Wife married less than one year

·        I came withdrawn, unhappy because we have been down this road before.  But at the end of the first night my heart softened.  I no longer wanted to be surviving in isolation.  I wanted living in oneness.  Weekend gave me the tools I need to get there.   Wife Married 18 years

·        I was becoming very detached and “numb” to my relationship with my husband.  This weekend I was able to realize the danger of my decision and how unhealthy this was to our marriage.  I was also encouraged to remember all of his qualities and strengths. – Wife married 9 years

·        This experience helped us truly focus on our marriage.  It gave us the opportunity to be more open and honest about issues within our relationship.  We received personal prayer from the  volunteer staff and leave feeling supported, encouraged and hopeful for our marriage.  – Wife married 5 years

·        Five months ago we realized we had problems and decided to work on them.  Since then we have gotten on the right path.  This event has been like an oil change to keep the vehicle of marriage rolling. – Husband married 5 years

·        Dan and I already underwent an intense marriage rewiring.  It was general in the same content, but THIS weekend really gave us specific tools and was so organized.  I look forward to going through my notes…for years to come! – Wife married 5 years

·        I just wanted to say thank you.  I know this Weekend to remember saved my marriage.  Friday I was ready to say that’s it.  Today I will do whatever it takes to save it.  So again thank you.  Wife married 9 years

·        The most significant change is that my husband and I have started up (again) our praying together.  I longed for it because God has really touched us through these prayers before.  So, having this started again is amazing.  Wife married 3 years

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