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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend to Remember Comments

Coeur d'Alene
November 5-7, 2010
Attendance 700
Prayed to Receive Christ 45

  • "I came here with very little hope and with a mental plan to divorce my spouse by the New Year. I'm leaving with a commitment to love him and see him as a child of God. Thank you for giving me hope and for giving our kids a future." Married 17 years
  • "I thought we were doing better than we are. We need a 360 degree change to make God the center and follow God's plan for our marriage and family." Married 1 year
  • Things have been shaky for us for a few months. We have been seeing a counselor for the last few months. This weekend has been so great for bringing us together and strengthening and filling in the gaps from that counsel. It has strengthened my faith. It reminded me of why it's so worth it to keep fighting for my marriage." Married 14 years
  • "We were able to reconnect and work forward on areas of our marriage that have been put on autopilot, especially in communications and ongoing intimacy. My husband's recent travel has made things challenging--thank you all!!! Married 1 year
  • "This conference was an 'eye-opener' with direct and specific impact on our (my wife and I) hearts about the keys to make our marriage what God has designed it to be!!! Married 38 years
  • "I am amazed at the amount of information. It is all very useful and slightly overwhelming until you decide a few things to work on at a time. This is an event you could attend each year and learn something new." Married 2 years
  • The effect this conference had on us was huge! When we arrived less than 48 hours ago we could barely speak to each other with love and tenderness. We have made great strides in learning to respect each other and embrace our differences. We have a renewed commitment to each other and to God." Married 17 years
  • "Oh my goodness, I don't even know where to start! I have already developed a greater level of love and respect for my husband! I want to pray and pray some more to be the greatest gift from God my husband could ask for." Married 9 years
  • "God is so merciful! It is such a miracle of God that we are here. (2 months ago my husband was living w/old girlfriend). We are so excited that God is working in both of us and for what is in store for our marriage. Married 38 years (wife of husband with quote below)
  • "In light of a recent infidelity, helped renew a passion for Christ and my wife. God is loving, cares, full or grace, and mercy. God is rebuilding what I tried to tear down. Praise God. Married 38 years (husband of wife with quote above)

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