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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekend to Remember Comments

November 12-14, 2010
Attendance 688
Prayed to Receive Christ 12
Recommitment to Christ 132
Asked to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit 86

  • "Gave us a chance to have deeper conversation, more intimate, rather than the 'Daily Data Dump' we do every weeknight dinner. We had a chance to sit and look at each other with no distractions or responsibilities. I was also able to be transparent with my spouse as we talked about my intimacy concerns. We have been married 6 years and I have never shared those concerns."
  • "This has been the most important couples' conference I have ever been to. It has helped me greatly." Married 19 years
  • "It gave us the opportunity to talk in a safe place, with a prepared heart, about important issues in our marriage. We had a good marriage on Friday. Now we have an amazing marriage with tools to make it better day by day! Thank you!" Married 3 months
  • "This conference got us back together. Being in full time ministry has drained us and has been an 'extramarital affair' in our relationship. We, on this weekend have set some boundaries and some goals. thanks for the weekend and the challenge!" Married 3 years
  • "A couple days before the conference I wanted a divorce because of major differences and miscommunication between my husband and I. He said something that made me embarrassed and worthless. I was ready to give up. Now--we are starting over." Married 3 years
  • "We are committed not only to making this marriage work, but enjoy it to the fullest. I realize that my wife is a good gift from God and not my enemy. We really are on the same team!" Married 1 year
  • "It has helped us remember that our marriage is worth fighting for, that no sin, no wrong can go unforgiven and there is always a reason to fight for marriage." Married 2 years
  • "We come to the conference every few years because of the difference it made for us in our first year of marriage." Married 7 years
  • "Brought us back together in discussions that we needed to have...from half dead relationship to alive--beyond room-mates to a married couple."
  • "We have been through so much, worked through so many issues throughout our marriage. We couldn't seem to shake the past. This weekend was our fresh start, and second chance to have the marriage we've always wanted. Receiving each other was the missing piece in our journey toward oneness." Married 3 years

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