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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekend to Remember Comments

November 19-21, 2010
Attendance 335
Invited Holy Spirit to take control 33
Recommitted marriage and Family to Christ 47

  • "Astronomical! So much insight and honesty. I came in to this conference thinking this was our last hope to save our marriage...now I'm leaving feeling like a rejuvenated partner in a strong friendship geared with the tools I need to awaken the bride of his youth he first fell in love with. Amazing! Thank you!" (wife, married 4 years)
  • "We missed the sessions on Friday night because of an argument we had on our way over. We arrived a mid-night because, at one point, we decided not to come and headed for home. As a result of attending this conference, we are committing to receiving our spouse--differences and weaknesses--forgiving them and working on companionship and commitment. We desire to be image bearers to other couples and to leave a legacy with our children. I was also inspired to be a stealth warrior princess!!!" (wife, married 9 years)
  • "Reminded me of why I fell in love with my wife and opened my eyes to my priorities in life." (husband, married 4 years)
  • "Being married 3 months we are just running into how to grow, encourage and glorify the Lord as one rather than individuals. FamilyLife gave us the tools to start doing this early. I am so glad I came to this at 3 months rather than 3 years. We both love each other deeply and have been pointed in the direction to show it."
  • "We have gone for 3 years now and we enjoy the weekend to remember so much we always plan on coming each year. It is so nice to have time to get her without the kids screaming. We miss the kids but we need our time." (husband, married 3 years)
  • "We talked, really talked." (wife, married 4 years)
  • "Broke down walls between us. I feel me again and have moved past some huge road blocks that we could not figure out how to get beyond."
  • "On me--underscored where I am failing, yet provided hope for doing it right! On us--provided hope, re-energized us. I asked my wife to marry me again--to throw away the marriage we don't like and forge ahead building the marriage we can feel we can have the one one God promised us." (husband, married 5 years)
  • "It gave us hope for our marriage. Even though we have only been married for less than a year, it's been a hard one. Coming here and knowing we weren't along and that God wants our marriage to succeed. We've learned how to communicate better. Thank you!" (wife, married 9 months

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