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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Weekend to Remember Comments

Coeur d'Alene
November 19-21, 2010
Attendance 720
Prayed to receive Christ 16
Holy Spirit 98
Recommit life to Christ 107

  • "I was punched, beaten, picked up, cleaned up, and taught what I need to do. 1st make God the center of my life and my house, 2nd take care of my wife and 3rd take care of my family." (married 8 years)
  • "This conference provided a platform and a structure to talk about things we don't normally talk about, and are good to talk about. Thank you for helping us fine tune our marriage so it more accurately reflects Christ and the Church." (married 3 years)
  • "This event has changed me personally more than I ever thought it would. It was as a switch turned my brain on. I can't change him I can change me, which will change us!" (married 3 years)
  • "We came last year and loved it. We decided to come back this year just to refocus ourselves on our marriage. Although we did not experience anything profound this year it has helped us keep our eyes on the ultimate goal of oneness. It is an invaluable tool to help us continue a great marriage." (married 9 years)
  • "Breath taking experience the gift God gave me when He created my bride." (married 12 years)
  • "Weekend to Remember is truly that, we have been given a gift of knowledge on how to receive the grace of Jesus Christ to grow together spiritually and as a family and I thank you all from the depths of my heart." (married 1 year)
  • "I really wanted to come to this conference because I was looking to a separation from my husband and I wanted God to change my husband and his heart. What happened is that God spoke to me the entire weekend. He showed me where I have been wrong and where I needed to work. God softened my heart and has shown me how to improve and be a better wife and mother." (married 9 years)
  • "This conference allowed us to be more open with each other and trust each other more. My wife opened up to me, that after 18+ years of marriage, she said things about her past that she felt she couldn't trust me with before. This truth gave me a better understanding of why she acts the way she does. It opened up a new door of hope for us and I am looking forward to our future together." (married 18 years)
  • "It opened up old issues that needed to be resolved and provided a "safe" environment to work through them. It opened our hearts to each other and challenged us to be a better spouse and Godly parents. I feel truly blessed to have been here. I am walking away hope and love in my heart, not bitterness." (married 10 years)
  • "It's always so good for us to have uninterrupted time together. We are very aware of how awful our marriage had become. Everything about this weekend gave us the encouragement and tools for us to begin our climb out of the pit. Thank you for making it possible for us to begin our journey." (married 15 years)

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